Bradenham pubEllesborough church


Checkenden (5 miles) A hilly walk with woodland and sharp climbs.
St Peter and St Paul
Black Horse, Scot's Common

Cholesbury (4.75 miles) An easy walk with woods and open countryside.
St Lawrence
White Lion, St Leonards

Fawley (5.25 miles) A steady climb along a quiet lane, then downhill to Assendon, followed by a steep incline.
St Mary
Rainbow Inn, Middle Assendon

Little and Great Hampden (7.75 or 4.75 miles) An autumn walk with only one demanding hill.
Little Hampden Church (Undedicated)
St Mary Magdalen
Pink & Lily, Parslow's Hillock

Little and Great Missenden (6.75 or 3.5 miles) An easy walk through open fields and woodland.
St John the Baptist and St Peter & St Paul
Red Lion, Little Missenden

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