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If Scot's Common was a desert, you would think the Black Horse an apparition. On a road to nowhere, isolated in the Ipsden badlands, this is a pub well worth seeking out. With beer straight from the cask and a large garden, choose a sunny day and travel back in time.

A dedicated drinker can't get any higher in the Chilterns than the White Lion in St Leonards. A simply attractive building dispensing good quality beer and food for the enthusiastic cyclists and ramblers who pass by.

The Rainbow Inn at Middle Assendon offers well kept local beer (Brakspear's) in a family friendly setting. A pleasant place to sit and relax to enjoy what a real country pub should offer, good atmosphere and fine sustenance.

The Pink & Lily in Great Hampden has an interesting history augmented by its connexion with Rupert Brooke, who 'walked so far' in the Chilterns and 'sang so loud' in the Pink.

Both the pubs in Little Missenden are in the same family. The Red Lion (a bit older than The Crown) might have been renamed the Phoenix after recovering from a disastrous fire. The gregarious landlord serves filling food and good beer in a 16th century setting.

Black Horse
Lt Miss pub
Lt Hampden pub