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The seven featured churches are Checkenden, Cholesbury, Fawley, Little and Great Hampden, Little and Great Missenden.

With 13th century paintings decorating the apse, Checkenden church throws its hat into modernity with an unusual engraved window by Laurence Whistler. Also of interest are various memorials from the era of Captain Cook to Dunkirk.

St Lawrance Cholesbury is a little church located in the midst of a rather larger iron age fort. Due to continuous financial problems it knows its place and performs its duty with the minimum of affectation.

The church at Fawley definitely punches above its weight due the beneficence of a series of benefactors. The wood panelling gives St Mary an elegant simplicity whilst the church yard contains the huge Freeman mausoleum.

In classic Chiltern beechwoods stands Little Hampden church, undedicated and isolated in a deadend village. You will be fortunate to gain entry to view the wall paintings. Great Hampden church is altogether grander and boasts the grave of John Hampden, although no-one knows its location.

St John the Baptist Little Missenden is evocatively small and ancient with fine wall paintings. Its big brother in Great Missenden features not only cream teas but the writer Roald Dahl's grave.

checkenden church
Cholesbury church
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